We released the final version of Fudzilla yesterday. After each release of a card for the CCG, we will follow up with a brief write-up to explain distribution, game mechanics and anything else that might have created questions in the community.

Because this is a game, mechanics will play a huge role in the future. And as expected, we received a lot of questions about the differences in card data on various versions of Fudzilla. Although it was fun for me to fud myself on these in Telegram, its important that you know that these were done on purpose.

Even though we may have similar mechanics to other CCGs such as Pokemon or Magic The Gathering, please remember that our game is different. Each deck will consist of 60-cards for our game. However, in MTG and Pokemon, you may usually have up to 4-cards of the same card in your deck. In our game, you may only have 3 of the same card. The cards must be identical in attributes such as 8 attack (eth) and 2 hp (gwei).

Let’s take a look at the cards that were released

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Fudzilla [uncommon]

The uncommon version of the card is actually a very nice card. It is a level 3 (which is normally in the upper left corner.) Now, in-game the stats will appear normally. In the physical game, we will alter the art to include a 3 in the upper left before printing.

We did fix the grammatical error on the special ability. In order to use your special abilities in our game, you will need have enough “coins.” There will be various coin types — however, our first game set will be an “ETH PACK”. 150 Ethereum cards that can be played against each other. We are considering at the moment whether or not it would be worth it to create a “BTC PACK” and or an “ALTCOIN PACK” so on and so forth. In the end, it may be an “ETH 2.0 PACK”.

This was the same as our common only fully arted and colored.

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Final Uncommon Version
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A couple of interesting changes happen here. The cost of coins is represented in stars. “Att” is ETH. “Hp” is gwei. Changing the monikers went with the art style.

The “3” is in the upper left. This as we’ve mentioned, represents the level of the card. In our game, you start at the highest level and work your way down until you are rug’d. So once, a level 3 Fudzilla gets knocked out, you may replace it with a level 2. If you don’t have a level 2, it is completely removed from the board and discarded. The level 2 of Fudzilla, will be Mecha-Fudzilla (which is a trading bot.)

The 8/3 here is also on purpose. It’s “rare” so it gets a little boost. We wanted to make it a little better. To be honest, we play test on paper napkins and it seemed to us that a slightly better Fudzilla would have a little more gwei (hp.)

It wasn’t really a misprint, we wanted a card with alternate attributes. We thought about adding these attributes to other versions of the cards, but felt that, at this level, it would be something people could chase after without it being too expensive to actually collect. We could have changed the attributes for a whale card, but that would have been so cost prohibitive, that it would make it less fun to actually build a deck with. Another rule in the game is that you can only have one type of Fudzilla in each deck. So you may not have a 8/2 and an 8/3 Fudzilla in the same deck. Most people will want to add 3 cards in their deck instead of one. The 8/2 will likely be that pick as you will likely have more of those.

Our ultra-rare versions of cards will always be pixel art. The problem with pixel art is the space on the card. We can print a “3” in the upper left corner for physical cards, but it really didn’t look right when we did it just in graphic form. We want these to look good so expect future pixel art versions to look similar.

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Pixel Art Version [ultra-rare]

This card is also an 8/2.

There was a lot of thought put in to the Whale Edition. We wanted it to simply look the best. We also made it technologically the best. We used Cargo.Build because it allowed for a higher resolution for the GIF animation and it allowed us to include the entire MP4 file in the NFT.

Whenever we have extra art and versions, we will place them on sale. The legendary edition of the card was created and distributed on Cargo.Build and also features an amazing animation. You can view or purchase them here:

Official Cargo Trading Showcase: https://app.cargo.build/showcase/dont-rug-me-official-ccg-cards-cargo/8a9164/collection/0xcD893F20DF17F88F9474795Cb9c48D15EE754680/for-sale

People are asking why is there a flower on the HP for this card. Well, #1 it is by design. It’s artistic. However, the card is an 8/3. We wanted it to share the same specs as the rare card. It gives people a chance to collect another 8/3 for the game without breaking the bank. We are charging 1 ETH per card. We wanted to make something artistic and nice that was not as rare as the whale card.

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This guy runs FUD.finance — a true degenerative rug pull of a project. But he might also be creating something super cool. Only time will tell.

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