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Community Driven Content — Here is the very first version of FudZilla, Card #1

The project is in two distinct parts that both work together harmoniously — The FUD, The NFT and the GATOR. This document will discuss our vision for the NFTs, including distribution, value, etc.

First, let me explain that the NFTs will be created in a few different series that will be distributed each month and different intervals. Each series will be collector’s items in themselves and represents our effort to pay our coin holders for their loyalty, trust and future support.

The five series that we have begun to develop:

  1. A Trading Card Game (under
  2. CryptoDoodles
  3. CryptoPixels
  4. The Rugged Projects (under
  5. Badges


This is our trading card game. It is a pokemon-esque card game that features rules, winning, losing and all the things you would expect from a game. The art is amazing. The rarity of the cards is well thought out and we expect to have a bit more quality than $MEME.


These are collectible headshots and doodles from all of crypto. Some will be rugs, some will be famous people and others will be logos or coins. They will all have a distinct doodle-style. Think a different take on CryptoPunks.


Well, we do love CryptoPunks, but we want to showcase things other than headshots. We will create highly collectible pixel art of things that matter.


These will be a staple for We will create regular artwork dedicated to the projects that scammed us the most.


Badges, like the first NFT we gave to early investors are symbols of pride and ownership. It also helps us to identify our most loyal customers. In the future we may have giveaways for people who have certain badges or combination of badges.


Our goal has always been to give our community and our supports a value beyond the coin — both in NFTs and $GATR. As such, these additional economies which will have to be maintained, monitored and reviewed constantly. We will adjust the below according to price and demand over time.

At the start of this project, on a monthly basis, our current plan is to distribute the following:


  • (1) CryptoDoodle or (1) CryptoPixel


  • Everything in the 10 FUD allotment
  • (2) Common CCG Cards (B/W)


  • Everything in the 10 & 12 FUD allotment
  • (1) Limited Edition Rugged/Meme Card or (1) CryptoPixel


  • Everything in the 10,12 & 25 FUD allotment
  • (2) Uncommon CCG Cards


  • Everything in the 10,12,25 & 48 FUD allotment
  • (2) Rare CCG Cards


  • Everything in the 10,12,25,48 & 100 FUD allotment
  • (2) Ultra-Rare CCG Cards


  • Everything in the 10,12,25,48, 100 & 250 FUD allotment
  • (2) Whale Edition CCG Cards

All this on top of the fact that we will be creating opportunities for $GATR and more. Note that on top of the free airdrops, there will be cards available for purchase.


Card values will vary over time. I don’t want to over-promise but we have seen projects with less production value (ahem…) with cards selling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just today we took a look at The Bitboy Collection of cards on Rarible. They generated $50,000 just today with cards. So the potential is there and again, we will make ours unique, fun and into a real game.

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This guy runs — a true degenerative rug pull of a project. But he might also be creating something super cool. Only time will tell.

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