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We are going to hint at what happens after we release FUDzilla later this month.

Please note that token burning is no small thing. We had this plan from the beginning and we really did not want to share how we were going to do things too early. People are watching us and they can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

And to be clear, we are also not letting down on art, development and innovation.

A lot of this direction was further solidified by us studying $CORE and the mechanics of burning LPs. So here’s the plan:

We will continue to provide NFTs at the levels that we have already provided, but we will throw in one more wrench into your traditional thought process. We plan on offering NFTs in exchange for $FUD directly. These NFTs will replace your tiers. So instead of a whale holding 500 tokens, that whale would buy a limited edition NFT and that NFT will provide the airdrops in the future. Better yet, that NFT will cost less than 500 FUD. We will make these for almost all tiers (not 10.)

More importantly, the $FUD used to get the NFT will be burned forever. The tx hash will be permanently added to the NFT to verify the transaction. Thus, increasing the value of $FUD.

These NFTs are minted by request. None will be created for free, even team members will need to pay for these.

These NFTs are mega-rare CCG cards for They will be unique, powerful, exclusives. There are only as many as people want to trade $FUD for.

Remember, your newly minted NFT will get you all the drops you would have had should you have held the $FUD in your wallet in addition to it being a rare card and…

In addition, everyone, including big investors, are asking how they can get GATOR (especially in advance.) Well, there’s no presales or sales for it at all. However it can be mined. You will need to hold one of our special NFTs that you burned using your $FUD to mine $GATR for free. You just need to have your NFT in your wallet.

  • The NFTs that we are swapping can be sold and retain value much easier than providing liquidity (better store of value)
  • These NFTs can be sold or auctioned off through many partner sites including Rarible and OpenSea
  • You will get your normal NFT drops by holding the newly minted NFT
  • You will mine $GATR by holding the newly minted NFT
  • The higher the price of $FUD, the more of these NFTs you can mint
  • If you are currently holding $FUD to get NFTs, the price of minting the new NFT will be less than your required holdings are today
  • Right now, you will still obtain $GATR for holding LP in Uniswap until the new NFTs are released
  • The new NFT will be extremely rare cards for use in game making them valuable in many different ways. And swapping $FUD will be the only way to obtain them.
  • NFTs are the future of stored value
  • Token burning means less in circulation
  • You’ll still be required to have 10 $FUD to trade shitcoins for $GATR
  • More utility is being added for $FUD in the future
  • These new NFTs will be on sale for a limited time. So for “x”” months, you can swap for this card. Then the card goes away forever. Then we have another card in its place….. at that same level. The early adopters always will get the best cards.

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